Welcome to our Home and Kennel.

Dutchman’s Danes and Poodles is a kennel located on a beautiful 11 acre homestead in Eastern South Dakota.

We raise dogs for the pleasure they give us and we provide high quality pups for the pleasure they give to each new family they go to. We raise Great Danes because of the friendly gentle giants they are.

We raise standard Poodles because of the ease of training and activity level they exhibit. We are committed to providing healthy quality pups that give years of love  and devotion to their families. In order to fulfill this commitment we use feed from Life’s Abundance (food high in nutrition and freshness) and register our dogs with AKC.

We have regular vet checkups and attend seminars on health, breeding, disease control, housing, and legislative actions. We are members of Minnesota Pet Breeders Association and Dakota Pet Breeders Association.