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1 Great Danes – Dutchman’s Danes & Poodles

Great Danes



King is a large well built proven sire. His color and confirmation is excellent. This is a GREAT DANE!



Jasper is our young sire. He is developing into a handsome black with good conformation and personality.




Princess Josephine is a big beautiful Harlequin with an easy going personality. She is gentle and easy to handle. She has excellent conformation with a large head and deep and wide body.



Skye is a light colored female with an interesting color pattern, good confirmation, and a loving personality.



Diamond is a well built young female with beautiful coloring and good personality.


Dam_June_Bug01 (2)

June Bug is our youngest female. She is developing into a refined, medium sized dog. She is fawn colored and has a very loving personality. Her name really fits her.


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