We love hearing from our puppies new families. We are adding new testimonials as our puppies make their way to there new homes. Check back often and pictures are coming soon.

Hi Sue,

Back in February we bought a female harlequin from you (we named her Phoenix). We were the ones from MN.  Just thought you might like an update. She is doing wonderful at 8 months now. She is very strong willed and at times a little naughty, but she is funny and adorable and very smart and we love her very much! Here are some pics, hope they come through ok, not very good with attaching items in an email.

Leea Rosengren





I wanted to give you an update on Henry, the puppy I bought from you.  He is the sweetest boy ever!! Everyone who meets him comments on his disposition, how smart he is, and they all love him.  In just a few weeks he has added so much to my life already.

Lori Menke


Just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how our Dane is doing.  If you may recall we traveled from Omaha with our two kids about two weeks before Christmas to purchase a Dane.  Well Riese’, pronounced Riesa with a long A sound on the end (Riese’ is German for giant) is great. We all love her.  She is for the most part very well mannered, although she still is a pup.  She is almost fully house trained with the a occasional accident. She has a wonderful temperament and is so easy going.  I have attached a couple of pictures of her so you can see how she is now. Thank you for the wonderful dog.

Kurt Merrell



Hello there, I hope you all are doing well. I have been meaning to write you for some time now….I just wanted to say THANK YOU for our sweet sweet sweet and VERY smart poodles River(Snickers) and Reed(Casper). They have really made us very happy and love our children(3 year old and 5 month old)! These boys are extremely well behaved and learn VERY fast! They love to be with us and or with each other all the time, they do not potty in house, they chew only on their treats and toys, they are amazing puppies! They bring joy into our lives and we will forever be grateful to you both for that! If we ever get another poodle and you are still breeding we will come back for another! Absolutely beautiful boys! Anyone that lays eyes on these two just goes on and on about how beautiful they are! 🙂 thanks again as we will forever love these two sweet companions!






Hi, I just wanted to let you know how the puppy we bought 3 weeks ago is doing.  She is a wonderfully smart dog and has adapted to us or maybe we adapted to her, but either way she is an adorable addition to our family.  I have attached some pictures.  Sophie is the name we gave her because she is so smart.  Sophia is the goddess of knowledge so we thought that fit well.  Your puppies were all beautiful and it was hard to pick just one.  We’ll update you some more as she grows.



sophie 2



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