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Upcoming Litters

Our Litters, Once Announced, Find Homes Fast.

As litters arrive they will be listed — number of males and females with pictures –so you can choose your new family member. To hold a particular pup we require a $400.00 deposit. This is non refundable except when the buyer’s request can’t be fulfilled.  Our pups ( sometimes older dogs) can also be seen on Facebook.

Great News!  Our new Great Dane pups are here!  Jasper is the Sire and Lizzie is the Dam.









Great News!  Our new poodle pups are here!  Max and Molly are parents.







Great Dane Puppies – Jessica SOLD OUT
1 harlequin female and 7 males — 1 harlequin  2 merlequin 4 black with white chest markings.



Poodle Puppies – Molly SOLD OUT
We have 4 females and 5 males–colored from medium brown to a dark mahogany ( almost black ).



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